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Karen Gates Journey into Internet Marketing

My journey into internet marketing began in 2006. My family just moved back to the East Coast, my twins were not yet in school and I was a stay at home Mom.

One day while the kids were asleep, I went to one of those Moms websites and stumbled across a link to "work at home". I was hooked, in love with the concept that I could make money from my home and enjoy the invaluable time with my kids. You probably know what happened.

I joined the first program that I thought I could make a ton of money from. I did all the training, signed up to all the programs that could promote my affiliate links. Well the ultimate happened. I made some money but definitely not enough to actually contribute to the family finances. More like enough to fill up the gas tank once a month.

Since then, I joined several more programs, made alot of money and lost some money.

Fast forward, after going back to work full time and giving the work at home concept a long needed rest, one of my Facebook friends advertised something called DS Domination. She said she made over $1000 in her first month of joining this business. Since I trusted her, I gave it a try. I thought what the heck, it only costs $19.95 to join.

I am happy to say that I made 586.34 in my first three weeks of joining.

This site is dedicated to the internet marketing programs that I actually have made money with.

Finally, I am now planning my retirement in a few years. I'm just getting started and Making Things Happen!

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